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Elmore Chiropractic

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Meet Dr.Don Elmore

Growing up I played a lot of soccer and football. I started playing soccer when I was six and football when I was eight. In soccer, I broke a couple of ribs running into people full force. But playing football, I fractured five ribs, completely broke or dislocated two more ribs, and came very close to a catastrophic, life-altering injury. Fast forward 14 years, I started having significant neck and lower back pain. After an orthopedic surgeon told me he couldn't help me, he recommended that I see a chiropractor. A close friend told me about his chiropractor and suggested I see him. I did and what I discovered was truly amazing.

The pain I had been suffering with faded away in a matter of months. Even after the first adjustment, I was feeling somewhat normal again. Over the next two years I saw huge improvements in my lower back and neck. I also noticed that chiropractic didn't just help with back and neck pain. I noticed my allergies weren't bothering me as much. When I saw the amazing health changes, through chiropractic care, I knew this was the discipline of healthcare I wanted to be a part of as a profession.

I graduated from Clemson University in 1993 with a degree in Industrial Management. I worked in the manufacturing industry, most recently with Hitachi Electronic Devices, before going to Chiropractic School. In 200I I was accepted to Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During the four years at Sherman my courses included biochemistry, neuroanatomy, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, X-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care. After graduating in 2004, I established my practice in Greenville, South Carolina.

I still remember the fear and apprehension I had when I went to the chiropractor for the first time. So I make it a point to explain everything in advance and answer all questions. Patients appreciate that and I love helping people understand how God made our bodies to work.

I am married to Beverly and we have two children, Jonathan and Kathryn. Both of the children have been adjusted since birth and are very healthy and full of life.

In order to stay healthy I exercise on a regular basis. It's part of my routine. Eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, and getting adjusted once a week has helped me continue to do what I love. Although I confess to loving cake doughnuts and a good cup of coffee, I'm getting better at doing what I'm saying!

Enough about me. How can I help you with today's safe and natural chiropractic care? Give me a call so I can help you take your first step towards better health.